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Picture Credit: Chico Chugg
Picture Credit: Chico Chugg

Anita Ramdharry is the producer of ‘Chico Chugg’, the first major live action children’s series from television company, Chugg Productions Ltd.

Anita is a former BBC TV reporter and producer. She graduated from De Monfort University Leicester back in 2000 with a degree in media studies. Anita started producing for Chugg Productions back in November 2013, a creative company that specialises in high quality, live action children’s programming for the UK and International markets.

The new series ‘Chico Chugg’ is featured in two languages and takes inspiration from the popular children’s books by Janet Roberts who is also the writer and creative director at Chugg Productions. The new series follows ‘Chico’ the loveable Jack Russell on his adventures and is filmed from his point of view across the Midlands, including Leicestershire’s leg of the Grand Union Canal. All of the music and voice of Chico is performed by Mark Roberts, from the hit 80’s band King.

Picture Credit: Chico Chugg
Picture Credit: Chico Chugg

Anita shares a little about the show: “A lot of work has gone into producing a quality live action series. It really is working with children and animals! The actors are important to the stories, but its Chico and his animal friends that are the biggest stars. It’s all filmed from their perspectives. Viewers get to join in Chico’s many adventures from going on a mouse hunt to messing about in a recording studio. Plus if children watch carefully, they’ll be able to answer Chico’s quiz questions at the end. It’s fun and educational for children from pre?school age and upwards” she said.

The series is also featured and available to children in Welsh on Easter Monday Anita said: “It’s been fantastic working with S4C in Wales. The name ‘Chico Chugg’ didn’t translate very well, so ‘Nico Nog’ was born! All the songs and voice-overs are in Welsh for ‘Nico Nog’.  People around the world are now watching the English version ‘Chico Chugg’ available on Youtube with TaDaKids”.

Chugg Productions understands the merge of traditional TV and the internet. Children can watch ‘Chico Chugg’ by going the links at and will air on the Welsh channel S4C on Easter Monday.

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