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Leicestershire Police’s Temporary Chief Constable has praised the “electric atmosphere” at this years’ Diwali Day celebrations, which attracted thousands to Leicester.

The city’s Diwali Day celebrations took place yesterday (Monday, October 24), and are known to be the biggest outside of India.

Spectacular fireworks, lights, and dazzling entertainment brought the city to life, and attracted people to the city – not only from across the UK, but also the wider world.

Rob Nixon, Leicestershire Police’s Temporary Chief Constable, hailed the event a “massive success,” and spent the evening walking around, talking to people and soaking up the “electric atmosphere.”

“I’ve been here for three hours, walking around, speaking to members of the public and overwhelmingly the atmosphere is positive, it’s upbeat and people are enjoying themselves,” he told Pukaar News.

“I’m seeing people that are from all over the country, but most notably I had a conversation with some who had flown in from America to come and experience Diwali here in Leicester.

“Their words were that this is ‘the best celebration in the globe’ and they said it was worth all their effort and expense to travel across to be here,” he went on to reveal.

Despite recent tensions in the east of the city, between small sections of city’s Muslim and Hindu communities, T/CC Nixon was pleased that the event took place without disruption, and that people were out in their masses, enjoying the celebrations.

“Of course over the recent weeks, there’s been some nervousness about how this celebration was going to go, and whether there was likely to be any disruption, and of course our message has been consistent all the way through – we wanted the communities to celebrate and enjoy it, because Diwali’s not just about the Hindu community, it’s about all the faiths coming together,” he said.

“This is a major event in our calendar – the largest celebration outside of India and we’re really proud that it’s taking place here in Leicester.”

The event saw thousands flock to the city’s Cossington Street Recreation Ground, where a special ‘Diwali Village’ was set up for people to enjoy before the evening’s fireworks and dazzling light display.

There was a vast array of fairground rides and food stalls, as well as vibrant entertainment on the main stage.

The celebrations were even more joyous, due to the fact that these were the first restriction free Diwali celebrations since the Covid-19 pandemic.

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