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England Women’s Kabaddi Team Prepare for World Cup

The England Women’s Kabaddi Team are preparing to participate in the 5th Kabaddi World Cup due to take place in India in December.  This will be the fourth time the team have competed and will be up against the USA, Denmark, Pakistan, New Zealand and Mexico.



The world cup tournament runs from 5 to 20 December and attracts around 40,000 spectators at each venue with live broadcast throughout Asia, Canada, USA, Europe and the UK.


Ashok Das, the team coach from Birmingham said, “This is the fourth time we are participating in the world cup, 1st time we were in the final”


“We hope we will be in the final, but we will see”


Team captain, Jenni Balmer from Reading, said, “most of us have a rugby background, a lot of the skills you need for kabaddi are quite similar to rugby”


“We’ve got some big competitors, India a full time professional squad, New Zealand they send there rugby union Blackfurn side who are very physical, there probably our biggest competition but we are a stronger, more bonded squad that we have ever taken to India, so the chances of us coming in those top places are better than ever”



The England team comprises of players from Reading, Milton Keynes, Melton Mowbray, Burnley, Manchester, Birmingham, Derby, Northampton and London. Most have a Rugby background and are therefore prepared for the tough nature of the sport.


During the tour the team will visit several states in the Punjab and intend to visit a village school where they will present pupils with some educational material.


Towards the end of the tour the team will enjoy a shopping experience and buy outfits and accessories to wear at a ‘Gala Dinner’ at the Deputy Chief Ministers house.

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