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Everyone together to celebrate single release at the Curve

King G Mall launched his ‘Christmas Aaya’ single on Friday (December 17) in the stunning setting of Leicester’s Curve theatre.


The venue was packed with people of all ages, cultures and faiths, all celebrating the release of this pioneering Asian Christmas CD which is raising money for the Pakistan flood victims. ‘Christmas Aaya’ (‘Christmas is Here!’) features artists from four countries singing in English and Punjabi and is the first Asian Christmas song.


The Curve audience took their seats to the energetic beat of Masterclass Dhol, who kicked off an evening of dhol performances including Leicester’s own Dhol Enforcement Agency and King G’s Dhol Blasters.


Andrea Vincent welcomed everyone to the extravaganza, saying, “The event brings together people of all faiths and denominations united in a cause close to everyone’s heart at this time of year.”


The evening was hosted by Simon Ward of BBC East Midlands who also interviewed former Lord Mayor Councillor Manjula Sood on stage. He said he enjoyed entertaining people from so many different backgrounds: “At times I felt I was in a Bollywood Movie!”


Yaz Alexander, who sang on King G’s record-breaking single ‘Aao Ji,’thrilled with her onstage passion and sultry tones. Then came the first of three dynamic interpretations of South Asian and Bollywood dance by DN Productions.


“This was our first performance,” co-founders Durgesh Makwana & Nimisha Patel told event organisers Pukaar News, “and we are glad it was at such a high-profile event and for a good cause. The highlight for us was sharing the stage with the King. It was a blast!”


A fashion show by Rain Entertainment showcased vibrant designs reflecting contemporary Indian fashion. The stunning young models teamed dresses and saris in purples, pinks and jades with fabulous jewellery, glittering in the spotlights.


Naeem John’s rhythms inspired younger audience members and Iffi-K set the audience dancing – everyone from the young boy who was the first to stand up to exuberant Leicester businessman Vic Sethi. Rupa Soni charmed the audience by singing to individuals. One man said, “She’s beautiful and has an amazing voice. I loved it when she came over – I felt she was singing just to me.”


King G said that he is thrilled to be raising money for the flood victims and Reverend Javid Iqbal spoke about the Life Skills Project, which gives women in Pakistan needlework skills so they can earn money for their families and gain equality in a male-dominated society.


Prominent Muslim, Suleman Nagdi said the launch brought people of all faiths and cultures together to create a real sense of community and Paul Kerryson, artistic director of the Curve, said “Curve is thrilled to be supporting the Christmas Aaya single. It’s a great idea, pulled together by an exciting and energetic team of artists and sponsors. It is Curve’s ambition to reach all audiences locally, nationally and internationally and by working with Pukaar News, we are glad to be bringing all of Leicester’s communities together. “


Rain Entertainment said they enjoyed the opportunity to work with Pukaar News. “It was a great pleasure to host the fashion show and King G Mall was an impressive act to be supporting.”


Guest Suzanne Gamble said, “I enjoyed the Curve evening very much. The dancing is a real favourite of mine – where do they get the energy from?”

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