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Inter Faith Football Match 2010 – Leicester vs Gothenburg

Leicester – UK has been the pioneers of interfaith dialogue and engagement. Now that vision has gone international. Interfaith teams made up of different religious representatives from Leicester and Berlin have travelled to Gothenburg to take part in a weekend of interfaith activities and to play a 3 nation interfaith football tournament.


Teams are taking part in the dialogue and are visiting the local faith communities and their places of worship. There are seminars being held in which all three nations will share their experience of engagement to encourage each to further the work of community cohesion. John Hall Director of St. Philip Centre, Leicester said, “This is not just a football tournament but a message of peace, love and unity from Leicester to nations and faiths of the world.” The HRH Prince Charles stamped of his approval of this message and work by attending one of such events two years ago at centre Philip Centre, Leicester.