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Hundreds turn out for Shopping, Food and Music at the Diwali Extravaganza

Around 500 people attended a special Diwali event in Leicester on Saturday to get into the festive spirit.


The Diwali Extravaganza event took place at the Peepul Enterprise on Orchardson Avenue and offered visitors the chance to get in some last minute shopping, eat traditional Indian cuisine and watch traditional dance.



The event was organised by Ravi Vagharia and Velisha Jethwa, who said “We’ve never put on an event like this before but we are pleased with how it has gone and we are looking to doing another event next year”.


Velisha spoke about what was on offer throughout the day: “the event today is to help celebrate Diwali and get everybody in to the community spirit, we have got loads of different things going on, from performances, kids activities, make up stalls, jewellery stalls, outfit stalls and loads of different Diwali products for the community to purchase and also loads of different food on offer”.


Diwali Extravaganza also raised money for Crime fighting charity Crimestoppers though a raffle and donation box.
“it brings communities together because we don’t just have people who celebrate Diwali here, we have got people from every  community here with their own little stands with service they offer right now, so it doesn’t just focus on Diwali only, we have people promoting Christmas events as well” said Ravi.

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