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“I could see what my family was being put through.” – Hannah Patel, Let’s Talk More Episode 8

Episode #8 of Let’s Talk More sees Romail Gulzar chatting with Hannah Patel, a Family Lawyer at Bond Adams Solicitors. Hannah talks all about her career and coping with health issues whilst growing up. At the age of 18, Hannah was diagnosed with a benign tumour on her left kidney and had to undergo surgery. “It was very traumatic,” said Hannah. “Not only was I ill, I didn’t know the issues I’d be facing afterwards. My mindset was I need to go in for an operation and as far as I was concerned, I was going to be sedated and I’m not going to feel a think. But I could see what my family was being put through though so it was a very difficult time.”

When she was diagnosed, she was finishing her A-Levels at Loughborough College. Sadly, she had to drop out after a few exams. “I had open surgery in 2009. Then I sat around at home feeling sorry for myself. My mum lifted me up and kind of pushed me into going in to work, as well as doing something about my passion.”

Hannah, from a very young age, had always wanted to go into law. “Part of that comes from the fact that I used to watch a lot of crime series and film. That’s what I love—drama, crime, horror, thriller—all of that!”

After starting home study and distant learning for a law degree, she started working voluntarily at a criminal law firm to gain practical experience in the industry.

Hannah’s determined spirit is an inspiring one and after all of the challenges she has faced, she now heads the family law department at Bond Adams Solicitors in Leicester.

To find out more about her story, watch the full interview below.