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Leicester was the host of a celebration of multiculturalism today as a huge international project came to an end.  The project by European Multicultural Foundation involved schools from across five different countries.


The project called ‘Feel it – Feel the Difference’ is aimed towards changing the way multiculturalism is informed within schools and spreading it further to create a larger integration.

The celebration was held at the Fraser Noble Building on the University of Leicester campus. The celebration commemorates the end of a well-developed collaboration ran over a wide range of cities and schools within five European countries such as; United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Italy and Spain.


Chairman of the European Multicultural Foundation, Tara Mukherjee expressed his views on Leicester as a multicultural city: “Leicester is a human mosaic. Leicester epitomises what multiculturalism is. And Leicester City I am very proud of the fact that the people of all race and colour are living peacefully in Leicester.”

Mukherjee now at the age of 92 believes the goal of Multiculturalism “should be to respect the differences as much as accentuate the commonalities.”


The multicultural project was well organised and both students and schools across Leicester and Leicestershire were involved. The multicultural venture challenges cultural barriers and aims to tackle cultural differences. As a whole the European Multiculturalism Project encourages a closer bond between nationalities and works towards confronting issues such as prejudice, racism, stereotyping and xenophobia.