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Photo credit: Charlie Gray

Rock and Roll stars Kasabian are due to release their fifth studio album on 9th June ahead of a world tour that includes a concert in Victoria Park Leicester in front of a 60,000-strong crowd. The name of the album, titled 48:13, is taken from the overall running time of the tracks and features the lead single Eez-Eh, which was released in April of this year.


Speaking to Pukaar News, lead vocalist Tom Meighan described 48:13 as “the best album we’ve ever made; it’s a work of art this one.” Discussing the record he commented: “It was a shock to a lot of people because we usually come out with heavy rock but this time it’s more electronic and dancey – by the second listen people are hooked. My favourite track on the album is Bow because it’s just a great song.”


It has been a decade since the release of their first album, self-titled Kasabian, and the homecoming concert in July roughly marks this ten year anniversary. Tom forms one quarter of the rock band, along with guitarist and backing vocalist Sergio Pizzorno, drummer Ian Mathews, and bassist Chris Edwards. Hailing from Leicester, and still currently living in the city, Mr Meighan was clearly jubilant about performing in front of his home crowd: “I think it’s exciting for the city because we come from here. We’ve not done anything big before in Leicester, but we’ve always wanted to do this.”


He added, “We’ve got a good fan base who have grown up with us. I think we are different from other bands because we are true. We’re honest and we don’t try too hard.”


Photo credit: Charlie Gray
Photo credit: Charlie Gray

Ahead of their world tour he expressed his excitement about the live gigs, saying: “The tour is going to be great. You feel like the Empire State Building when you perform.” Despite the gruelling schedule of 3 days on, 1 day off, the lead singer did not seem fazed by what is expected to be a tiring few months. “We’re just enjoying it, I think that the moment you stop enjoying it you should be worried.” Tom has a two year old daughter at home who is too young to accompany them but he explained that “Sometimes you have to just think about what we do as a living, it’s the way it is.”


As well as the album and the tour, which sees Kasabian perform in venues around the world including Japan, Australia and Canada, it has also been announced that they will be headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, closing the festival on 29th June.


48:13 is out on 9th June.

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