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Leicester Gathers to Pay Tribute to Nelson Mandela


This Saturday saw Leicester Cathedral, Leicester City Council and faith organisations join together for an afternoon of thanksgiving and tributes. It started off with a gathering in Nelson Mandela Park, followed by a walk by young people through the city centre and a vigil with ribbon-tying at the Cathedral.


The thanksgiving service for the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela began at Nelson Mandela Park, featuring poetry and readings containing Mandela’s most inspirational quotes and messages.


A symbolic walk to freedom followed with a journey from the park to Leicester Cathedral which was a reflection of Mandela’s own ‘walk to freedom’ emerging from 27 years of imprisonment.  Young people from all the faiths were represented and carried the South African Flag while walking from the park.


The Cathedral service included music by a gospel choir, and the lighting of a candle in remembrance and reflection of Mandela’s extraordinary life and struggle against oppression.

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