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A LEICESTER swimming club have made history by being the first Leicestershire-based club to compete in the National Arena League Swimming A Final, in the league’s 52-year history.

After a nail-biting final round, Leicester Sharks Competitive Swimming Club became one of the few teams in the competition to win every round of this annual team event.

Picture: Leicester Sharks

The team will now travel to Cardiff on March 6, to face the other nine top scoring teams in the country, where they will face their biggest competition yet.

Each team, like Sharks, competed in three rounds of racing against other swimming clubs in their region to be a part of this showdown in Cardiff.

Guy Worrow, Director of Swimming hailed it an “amazing achievement” the the local club.

“The team showed incredible passion and determination as well as demonstrating great skills and professionalism for each round of the Arena League,” he added.

“It was truly a team effort, not just by the swimmers but also the coaching team and our volunteers. It’s an amazing achievement to qualify for the A Final and have the opportunity to compete against some of the best and well-known swimming clubs in the country.”

The A final will be held on March 6 at the Cardiff International Pool.

Other teams in the final are Wigan Best, Hatfield, Plymouth Leander, Guildford City, Mount Kelly, Millfield, Wycombe District, Bromley and City of Cambridge.

“I am very proud to be a part of Leicester Sharks and fortunate to be able to watch the development of the swimmers and club over the last ten years,” added Mr Worrow, speaking of the Shark’s achievement.

“It was great to feel united as a team and succeed together after what the swimmers have had to go through over the past couple of years including maintaining their level of fitness through the pandemic.”

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