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Lightning Strike Causes Sikh Temple Roof Collapse


Leicester worshippers had a lucky escape this weekend when the roof collapsed on the Ramgarhia Temple on Meynell Road, after being struck by lightning. Freak electrical storms battered the country on Saturday, and the temple was hit at around 3pm, damaging the roof, and destroying a section of the building. Kirpal Singh Sagoo, the General Secretary, expressed that he was “very saddened and shocked” by the event, but ultimately grateful that there were no casualties.

Afternoon hymns were taking place when the roof caved in; and the elderly ladies inside miraculously escaped, with none sustaining any serious injuries. They were covered in debris and rubble and one woman was taken to hospital but has since been discharged. Mr Singh Sagoo said that the women “managed to get out in time but they were visibly shaken”.

Shockingly, the damage could have been much worse if the storm had hit slightly earlier, as the temple was packed with 250 people who were celebrating the wedding of one of the priests’ daughters. Most of the party had dispersed by the time the storm ravaged the building, and there were only 20 people in the prayer room when disaster struck. Mr Singh Sagoo realises how fortunate everyone was, and believes “we are very lucky that there were no fatalities.”

The Holy Scriptures were also unscathed, and have since been moved. As well as those inside the temple, three men outside had a close escape when an 8ft piece of roof timber smashed through their car windscreen, but they astoundingly left the scene with only cuts and bruises.

The temple will remain open, and they will continue to hold services while the damage is being fixed, using a prayer room upstairs for the time being. Mr Singh Sagoo deeply thanked the congregation and community for their support.