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Leicestershire Cricket Club Chief Executive Wasim Khan Talks to Pukaar News

Pukaar News spoke to Wasim Khan back in late February, and discussed his recent appointment as Leicestershire County Cricket Club’s new Chief Executive.


Entering into the 2015 cricket season, Leicestershire County Cricket Club welcomed Wasim Khan MBE as their new Chief Executive, aspiring to create a, “Collaborative environment” between staff and players as he aims to turn the tables on the club’s fortunes. “I have an open door policy,” Wasim said, as he expressed his enthusiasm to embrace new ideas and allow others to have an influence upon the values and direction of the club which he believes is key to the harmonious running of the County Cricket Club.


A fresh new face to the club may be just what Leicestershire Cricket needs as it has suffered great disappointment over the last few years, failing to have won a County Championship game which they seek to render as we enter into the new season. Leicestershire Cricket has struggled to retain some of its key talents at the club, particularly with the fact that in recent years the academy produced players such as James Taylor, Stuart Broad and Nathan Buck, have all opted to move to more commercially viable clubs that have greater recognition due to their England credentials. This is what Wasim hopes to diminish, as he looks to increase an essence of accountability for the club by focusing upon creating a bench mark in County Cricket.


A previous player himself, Wasim is familiar with the grounds at Grace Road, competing for Warwickshire in 1992, and returned once again in 1996 to score 155 in the first innings, and 170 in the second. Wasim appreciates how tough and unpredictable the nature of the sport can be, and strives to implement his experiences and knowledge for the benefit of the club.


Recognising that he has a difficult and tasking job ahead of him, Wasim states, “I think what I’ve tried to provide is leadership and direction as I aim to support people. I have tried to be clear about where we are going, and what is required to empower people to make their own decisions.” Wasim was motivated by the communal spirit of Leicester’s community, stating that, “Everybody wants the club to do well, there is a real family feel about sport in this city.”