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MP calls on Prime Minister to implement urgent measures to boost local economy

Following the closure of yet another local business in Leicester, Labour MP Jon Ashworth has asked David Cameron to introduce urgent measures to restore the city’s economic stability.


MP Ashworth, who represents Leicester South, spoke up for local businesses, which have been “hit by a double dip recession” at PMQs asking David Cameron to take action and revise policies, specifically on bank taxation, to encourage economic growth and tackle local job losses. It is reported that 23 people lost their job following the closure of Leicester-based construction company Philip James, which has been running for over 60 years.


During his appearance at the Commons on Wednesday, the MP showed his disappointment with the Government’s cuts on public sector and his concerns about the negative impact it is having on local businesses. Figures released last month revealed that lending to small businesses was reduced to £1.7 billion.


Speaking in the Commons, MP Ashworth, said: “Leicester is bearing the brunt of the Prime Minister’s double-dip recession, with the sad news today that yet another business is going under, resulting in the loss of local jobs. In that context, is it not clear that the Chancellor’s credit easing policies are not working?


“I hope the Prime Minister will change course and implement urgent measures that will boost the economy and support jobs across Leicester.”


The MP also told Pukaar News about the importance of how avoiding banks getting a tax cut, and investing in small businesses can undoubtedly help the local economic growth while reducing local unemployment.