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Ramadan 2012


For almost a month now, millions of Muslims have been fasting as part of the holy month of Ramadan, they abstain from eating during daylight hours and break their fast when the sun has set.


The Federation of Muslim Organisations organised an Iftar or fast breaking event,  for all faiths at the St Philips  Centre in Leicester.  A number of high profile guests and community leaders attended,  including Ibrahim Mogra, from the Muslim Council of Britain and the Rt Reverend Tim Stevens, The Bishop of Leicester


The Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth who was also in attendance had decided to fast for that day  to learn more about Islam.


The Federation of Muslim Organisations has been feeding the vulnerable and the homeless every Wednesday.  Since the start of Ramadan, more than four hundred people have been welcomed at the St Philips Centre.


In just a few days time the festival of Eid will mark the end of Ramadan. A celebration and time for thanksgiving, prayers, and gifts with family and friends.