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Renowned Community Advocate Discusses the Pandemic

Humanity has forever toyed with the ideals of ‘helping your fellow man’ and unity against oppression, adversity, and misfortune. During times of hardship, huge swathes of the populace often pull together, put aside differences, and fight towards a common good and prosperity.
Amongst these groups are individuals that rise up from the crowd and dedicate themselves to the betterment of humankind. Charity workers and volunteers, in most cases, commit to their work in spite of personal gain; out of a desire to ensure the gaps between equity are closed, and that humanity can grow beyond the need to rise above each other. One such individual who has spent the majority of their life in the service of such an ideal is Suleman Nagdi.
Suleman Nagdi has been a committed volunteer and community advocate for over 25 years

Mr Nagdi has spent over 25 years of his life as a committed volunteer and advocate of the community. The pandemic has seen a need, as great as ever, for compassion and cooperation, and Suleman has taken note of this. “The recent pandemic has brought to light our unwritten covenant on respecting humanity as a whole,” he said. “I believe that we have a covenant or a promise to abide by a set of rules to ensure that no harm comes to others around us.

“The pandemic highlights this very well. Although our moral and ethical considerations and respect for our fellow man has been in our understanding since time immemorial.

 Accordingly, as part of our covenant to each other and to society as a whole, we must all do everything we can to fulfil that. That means that we have to abide by government guidelines on the lockdown, follow the medical advice given to us by our doctors, and also, of course, by doing what we need to do in order to ensure that we keep each other safe.”

“As part of that, this involves having the Covid 19 vaccination,” said Suleman. “Not all are eligible but those that are, are thoroughly encouraged to be vaccinated simply because that is predicated on medical advice and the recommendations that we have received through government officials and scientific advisers. We must heed the warnings and the directions given to us from those that have the knowledge and specialism to advise us of the harms that may befall upon us individually and as a community and indeed as a nation.”

“It is, therefore, my personal message to everyone that we must be mindful of our moral and ethical responsibilities to each other and to behave and do all those things that are right and proper to ensure that this pandemic does not increase in its ferocity and the harm it can do to us in various forms.

 “I have also come to learn that there are those individuals that don’t accept the conventional descriptions and explanations as to the pandemic and how it has taken hold in our country and indeed others have also been vocal in their disagreement as to the vaccination programme that is being rolled out across the country. My message to them is that I fully respect and note their views and indeed they are entitled to have whatever opinions they want. What I do find concerning, is that such messages and possible misinformation can only lead, in my view, to harm being done to our fellow man.”


By Sam Ellison

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