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Roadworks on Leicester’s Belgrave Circle nears Completion

The last major stage of road closures and resurfacing on Leicester’s Belgrave Circle is scheduled to take place from Wednesday 4th March.

Roadworks on Leicester's Belgrave Circle nears Completion. Credit - Pukaar News
Roadworks on Leicester’s Belgrave Circle nears Completion. Credit – Pukaar News

The roadworks have consisted of the removal of the flyover, road and junction development, improvement on cycling and pedestrian facilities, and additional parking on the Golden Mile.


On Wednesday, several roads will be closed overnight to enable resurfacing on Belgrave Circle. These road improvements will take place in four phases in order to keep road disruption to a minimum, with closures enforced between 7pm and 6am.


The first phase, taking place from the 4th to the 7th of March, will affect the Belgrave Road southern exit up to the junction with Dysart Way.


Overnight resurfacing works will take place from the 8th to the 10th of March, with much of the improvements resulting in closure of Dysart Way’s westbound lanes between Orchardson Avenue and Belgrave Circle.


The penultimate phase concentrates on resurfacing the roads from Belgrave Gate’s northbound exit up to the Abbey Park Road junction, as well as closure of northbound lanes on Belgrave Gate between Painter Street and Belgrave Circle.

The Belgrave flyover before its demolition last year. Credit. Pukaar News
The Belgrave flyover before its demolition last year. Credit. Pukaar News


The final stage of the Belgrave roadworks take place between the 12th and 14th of March, with planned closures from Abbey Park Street and Belgrave Circle so the final quarter of Belgrave Circle can be resurfaced. This improvement will run from the Abbey Park Road junction to the entrance to Belgrave Road northbound and will mark the end of these works.


The traffic diversion created as a result of the roadworks will be signposted and some bus routes will be modified in order to avoid the night road closures.


Additional car parking on Donaldson Road and Belgrave Road has also been created, as well as pathway resurfacing across the Belgrave Circle island.


Over 2,000 letters have been sent to local residents and businesses to keep them up-to-date with the situation. The work is being carried out by Longcross contractors on behalf of Sainsburys’, who are also working on the project with Leicester City Council.