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Sir David Attenborough Opens Arts Centre Extension

A great atmosphere surrounded the Attenborough arts centre today as Sir David Attenborough returned to the place of his childhood to open the new £1.5 million extension on the current gallery on Lancaster Road.


The patronage of the Attenborough arts centre has been passed down from Lord Richard Attenborough to his son Michael, who will continue his father’s legacy that endeavours to include and inspire everyone in the creative arts, culture and learning.  Michael accompanied his uncle today for the event.

Sir David Attenborough was welcomed into the arts centre by the likes of the Lord Mayor, Ted Cassidy, the high sheriff of Leicester Gordon Arthur and Michaela Butter, director of the arts centre.

The new gallery is committed to the exhibition of contemporary art, both British and international. The extension of the gallery has doubled in size, making it one of the largest in the East Midlands.

A launch of an exhibition coincided with the opening of the Attenborough arts centre, by internationally acclaimed artists Lucy and Jorge Orta. An exhibition based around the Orta’s ongoing global concerns that revolve around environmental and political catastrophes.

Attenborough was shown around the exhibition by Lucy Orta who explained the ideas behind the creation. The nature of the exhibit was a powerful backdrop for the occasion.

The day followed with a series of Q&A’s by local and national press, regarding the arts centre and his insight into the natural world
A speech by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Leicester, Paul Boyle and a powerful tribute to his brother followed suit before the official opening of the art centre.

It was a great way to see such support from public figures, the general public and the University of Leicester with regards to the Attenborough arts centre.

With over 55,000 visitors each year the Attenborough arts centre has become such an integral part of Leicester since its opening in 1997.

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