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Sofia Hayat Coming to Leicester 2nd September 2010

Sofia Hayat will be talking to Pukaar News and EAVA FM 102.5 on the 2nd of September from 1:00 pm till 2:00 pm. Sofia Hayat is one of ‘Britain’s best Asian actresses’ according to Vandal Movies, and with a list of projects and big names as extensive as hers you can understand why one would make that claim.


Sofia was born in Gravesend Kent and from an early age was involved in performing arts. In 2000 she launched her television career when she was spotted and subsequently asked to audition for the Asian youth show ‘Sorted’ from then on she undertook various presenting jobs with Sky and the BBC becoming a household name. Among the people she has interviewed during her presenting career are Colin Farrell, and Anil Kapoor as well as Aishwariya Rai and Shah Ruck Khan.


2004 saw Sofia audition for channel 4’s ‘Bollywood Star’ and was selected to be one of the final four in the show. Sofia has since made appearances in television shows such as ‘Footballers Wives Extra Time’ and ‘Waterloo Road’


Having worked with some of the biggest names in T.V and Film working alongside actors such as Golden Globe winner Malcolm Mc Dowell (probably most famous for his work in controversial films such as ‘A Clockwork Orange’) Sofia is no stranger to major league acting work starring in the film ‘Cash & Curry’ and she played the lead role in the film ‘The Unforgettable’


However Sofia’s life has not always been that of a successful actress and performer, her book entitled ‘Dishonoured’ paints a picture of a woman who had to overcome a strict and at times tyrannical family life in order to achieve her goals, even overcoming attempts on her life when her family hired a hit man to kill her because they believed she had dishonoured her family by pursuing a career in performing arts.


Despite these setbacks Sofia continues to work in the film and television industry and looks set to further her career yet more, she will also be appearing at the Redbridge Carnival on September 12th in order to raise money for the British Pakistani Christian Association to help the victims of the Pakistan floods.


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