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An innovative research project, launched by University of Leicester hopes to educate different communities about autism.

Led by Dr Michelle O’Reilly from the University of Leicester’s Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour, the programme aims to develop online videos to give South Asian families a better understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This developmental disorder is a condition that affects social interaction, communication and behaviour.

The online resources will be developed in a number of languages to inform and educate specific families.

Dr O’Reilly explained that the disorder is “a condition that has been increasingly recognised in the last few years and we know that it is present in all cultures.”

Photo Credit: University of Leicester

She goes on to say: “There is very little available information easily accessible to those who do not have English as a first language, and with an understanding of autism spectrum disorder being essential to working with children and adults with this condition, it is essential that families and other relatives have the knowledge which can help them..”

The research was funded by the Carlton Hayes Charitable Trust and in collaboration with Leicestershire Partnership NHS.

The evaluation of these videos will first look at the use of this media as a platform for information to this community and then provide feedback on the format and content provided.

The research will be running until September 2017.