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Victims of Pakistan School Attack Remembered at Event in Birmingham

A special event in Birmingham to remember the victims of the Pakistan School Attack, in which 141 children and teachers were killed was attended by the family of a boy who survived the attack by pretending to be dead.



The Taliban targeted a military school on the 16th December 2014 in Peshawar, most of the victims were schoolchildren, and the attack left 141 dead.


Mohammed Nawaz, also lost his 13 year old son Haris Nawaz.  He was was shot through the head.
Ahmad Nawaz, the eldest son, was severely injured.


Ahmad’s critical gunshot wounds meant that his arm needed amputating. The Pakistani government offered the family funds in order for their son to fly to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for the medical treatment he desperately needed.


As well as his physical wounds, Ahmad told his father about the atrocious incidents that he witnessed, including seeing his schoolmates and teachers made to lie on the ground to be shot. To escape being killed, Ahmad pretended to be dead.


Mohammed Nawaz, Ahmad’s father, says that despite the situation, his son is attempting to remain optimistic and achieve his dreams.


“They encourage, he is not discouraged after this incident and he is very hopeful that he will continue his education and he never fear the terrorist. He has a message to all the innocent students of the world, that they should continue their education.”


Along with other members of the Pakistani community, locals have provided support to the Nawaz family, they organised the event.

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