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Date Confirmed for Richard III Reinterment

The remains of King Richard III will be buried at Leicester Cathedral on 26 March next year.



The seven day programme of events will start on Sunday, March 22, with the University of Leicester transporting the Kings remains from Leicester to Bosworth.


The coffin will then be carefully transported to a number of villages in the county which featured in the last days of his life.


Following the procession, the bones of the King will be received into the cathedral, where they will lie in repose, for the public to come and pay their respects, for three days.


The bones of King Richard III will then be Reintered on the morning of Thursday, March 26, in front of an invited group of guests, which will include members of the Royal family.


The following day, the tomb will be revealed once the remains are secured safely below the ground, and a service will be held to mark the end of the reinterment events.


The Very Rev David Monteith, Dean of Leicester said “We need £2.5 million here in the cathedral to do this part of this story, we’ve raised almost £1million already through the donations of the Diocese and through the donations of individuals”


“We will enable about 700 people to be at each of the 3 main services, all of those people at those services will come here at my invitation, that’s typical as to what goes on in English cathedrals for major occasions like this, they’ll be made up of a great cross section of society from the general public to representatives of organisations, civic figures, national figures and people who have supported us and enabled all this to happen”