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Epic tale of Ramayana to dazzle audiences for Diwali

To celebrate Leicester’s Diwali Light Switch On this Sunday 8 October, a spectacular free performance of Ramayana is set to delight visitors for the first time ever.

‘The Story of Light’ has been put together by An Indian summer and will take place in Cossington Recreation Ground from 7pm. The ancient story tells the tale of the virtuous Prince Rama, his exile, quest to free his wife from the evil clutches of Ravana and his eventual return home to be crowned King.

Festival director, Jiten Anand says, “We’re extremely proud to bring this dynamic new event and performance to Leicester. Our aim is to represent the next generation of arts and culture on the national stage.”

Picture Credit: An Indian summer


An Indian Summer are collaborating with local theatre company, Metro-Boulot-Dodo and community dance organisation Nupur Arts to re-tell the story which will feature 16 local artists dressed in traditional and colourful costumes. The free performance will illuminate Cossington Recreation Ground alongside 6,000 Diwali lights and has been designed to engage tourists and residents with cutting-edge South Asian arts.

Audiences can expect an enormous digital backdrop filled with stunning animated visuals. Traditional dance will be blended with Kung Fu in a fierce battle between the hero Prince Rama and the demon King Ravana. The performance will culminate in a dazzling explosion of fireworks depicting how light ultimately prevails over darkness.

Picture Credit: An Indian summer

Using a fusion of modern and traditional art forms and technologies, the performance will take visitors on a magical adventure. Metro-Boulot-Dodo says, “Our use of technology, performance and soundtrack offers a uniquely atmospheric experience that truly engages any audience.” This unique outdoor theatre experience will bring together enchanting storytelling, choreographed movement and immersive animation and is set to be a Diwali delight. The evening is expected to attract over 40,000 visitors to the Belgrave area of Leicester.

Diwali day is on Thursday 19 October this year and in Leicester it will be celebrated on Belgrave Road once again. This year, the Diwali Day village will run from 3 – 9 pm and the stage performances from 6 – 7 pm.