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Leicester Calling

A former asylum seeker and journalist who seeks justice for the persecuted worldwide is today (July 18) setting up office in the heart of Leicester.


He is moving his media company Pukaar News into offices in Phoenix Square.


Romail Gulzar says, ‘Leicester is known for different groups living in harmony and it’s a great centre for my mission to highlight injustice, particularly against minorities.’


His Pukaar News website, which has investigated violence against minorities in Pakistan, including the killing of Christians by setting fire to their homes, now has thousands of weekly hits, with many more when big stories break.


‘We have followers in 28 countries but we also have a local flavour with not only news but theatre and book reviews, bringing local talent to a wide audience here and abroad.’


The Pukaar News team have recently interviewed and filmed big names including comedian David Walliams, The X Factor’s Olly Murs and rapper Busta Ryme as well as imams, bishops and government ministers.  They have covered royal visits by HRH Prince Charles and HRH Prince Edward and appearances by Bollywood and Lollywood stars.


Pukaar News has featured issues like the wearing of the burka and reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden, avidly read in countries with a very restricted press.  Romail says he worked for nothing while establishing his company, doing shifts in a variety of low paid jobs in between film-making to pay his costs.  ‘I started with nothing and now although we’re a small company we have influence all over the world.


‘I make a point of giving people a chance who wouldn’t normally have one, training and encouraging them to start up on their own.  There are a lot of talented people and it’s great to see them setting up their own businesses.’


He makes documentaries and features for television channels and promotes events, especially those bringing different community groups together, like the show featuring Guinness Record-breaking drummer King G Mall.


Pukaar News is the official media partner for Anand International and Daewoo International who are sponsoring the Somali Olympic team for London 2012.  The team has to dodge bullets and navigate armed roadblocks just to get to their training ground.


Anand International’s Vic Sethi says of Romail: ‘His hard work and dedication is there for all to see.  He treats his clients like friends and family and he is the obvious choice for me.’


Pukaar News is hosting an Open Day on September 1st at Phoenix Square so that businesses, interest groups and the public can look round and see the type of work the company does.


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