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Leicester Cathedral pays tribute to Boston Marathon victims

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Leicester Cathedral pays tribute to Boston Marathon victims

Leicester Cathedral
Photo credit: Leicester Cathedral

The Acting Dean of Leicester is continuing to pray for the people of Boston, USA who witnessed two fatal explosions yesterday.


At least three people are reported to have died and more than 100 injured in the blasts that took place just feet away from the marathon’s finish line, near to the spectators who were cheering on the runners just before 3pm local time.


Canon Barry Naylor, Acting Dean of Leicester said: “We are devastated by the news from Boston yesterday when death and destruction struck people celebrating a wonderful sporting occasion, having a day of relaxation and enjoyment. Our prayers, at Leicester Cathedral, are with all those injured, whose who are bereaved, with the traumatised, those who have died and those who have the responsibility for bringing care and healing to all those affected.


“We also pray that those responsible for this outrage will be brought to justice. As we hold the people of Boston in our prayers, following this horrendous attach, we also continue to pray for those throughout the world who live with violence, horror and cruelty day by day.”

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