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A leading plastic surgeon from Leicester’s Hospitals has been named as a Healthcare Hero as part of a new project.

Mr Khawaja Gulraiz Rauf was picked by the leading global healthcare communications agency, Havas Lynx for his dedication and surgical skills.

His unique reconstructive talent allows him to repair damage on the human body and improve the appearance of his patients.

Mr Rauf graduated from King Edward Medical College in Pakistan and worked there until 2001 after which he moved to the UK. Since then, he has undertaken extensive work in burns, plastic and reconstructive surgery around the UK.

Photo Credit: University Hospitals of Leicester

He has also gone on to perform a number of life-changing operations using an innovative tissue expansion method and a new FRCS(E) flap (Frontal Rauf Coronal Split Expanded Flap) technique, that he designed during his time at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.

Tissue expansion is an established technique in plastic surgery, but Mr Rauf’s surgical prowess combined with his strong artistic skills helps his patients better understand the procedure.

Photo Credit: University Hospitals of Leicester

“It is an honour to be selected as a healthcare hero. Tissue expansion is a wonderful technique for reconstructing defects and provides skin of similar colour, texture and hair growth potential. I have utilised the technique to reconstruct missing or disfigured areas of almost all regions of the body above the knee”.

As a result of his work, the Department of Plastic Surgery at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has set up its first Specialised Multidisciplinary Tissue Expansion Clinic in UK which has already treated two patients who were struggling to get help elsewhere.

The talented surgeon stood out, not only for his pioneering techniques, but also because he isn’t concerned about the financial gains associated with cosmetic plastic surgery, focusing more on the well-being of others, about helping people get back to, or gain a sense of normality.

Mr Rauf added, “We would like to ‘expand’ our services to help patients from all over the country and abroad. I work with a wonderful team of specialist plastic surgery nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, anaesthesiologists, prosthetists, medical photographers and highly supportive plastic surgery colleagues to ensure we can deliver a state-of-the-art service to our patients.”

David Hunt, Havas Lynx CEO explained, “The people in this campaign are driven by passion, and so are we. During the process of putting this project together, we encountered some truly inspirational individuals who are out there on the ground, making a huge difference to the quality of people’s lives.”