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Leicester Teen Waits Two and a Half Hours For Ambulance

A Leicestershire teen had to endure two and a half hours of agonising pain waiting for an ambulance after breaking his Shin bone on Thursday 10 September.


Mehr Sethi from Anstey fell off his motorised skateboard near his home on Gynsill Close after he hit an uneven part of the road.



After realising he had injured himself badly, he immediately dialled 999 at 5.30pm and was told they will be heading to him straight away, this wasn’t the case and he had to endure almost three hours of serious pain before the crew arrived.


An ambulance from Gorse Hill, two minutes away, finally arrived at 8pm.


Mehr Sethi told us: “I know there were many other life threatening waits for the ambulance, but I was in too much pain for two and a half hours, because I could also not move my leg, because if I moved, then it would have damaged it more.”


Dimple Sethi, Mehr’s Mother said: “Well the ambulance service were excellent, I wouldn’t doubt them, they were lovely, but it was I think, the call centre and the communication to the ambulance it was terrible, it just wasn’t nice at all.”


Mehr’s Father, Vic Sethi, said: “I’m sure they could have given us some indication of when someone might be able to get to him, because as well as being in terrible pain, Mehr is Asthmatic and it was beginning to get darker and colder and I was worried about a car hitting him. Each time someone called the control centre they were told ‘it is not life threatening so just wait and we cannot confirm when an ambulance can arrive’.”


Richard Henderson, director of operations at Emas, said: “Emergency calls are categorised based on the information given by the caller so that we can get to those immediately life threatening calls quickest. At the time of the incident we were dealing with a high volume of emergency calls. We understand the injury was painful and distressing and apologise to Mehr and his family.


He added: “Any delay is unacceptable and we will look into exactly what happened.”