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Leicester’s Sikh Community to Mark Richard III Reinternment

The Sikh community in Leicester will be holding an open event to mark the reinterment of King Richard on Monday March 23.

The Sikh community in Leicester are organsing an event to mark Richard III reinterment.  Credit. Pukaar News
The Sikh community in Leicester are organising an event to mark Richard III reinterment. Credit. Pukaar News

Organisers say the event will allow the community to interpret and celebrate the King’s story from under a Sikh lens with a flavour from the royal courts of the Maharajas.  The event will also form part of the Leicester Cathedral’s King Richard Legacy Project.


Kartar Singh, the Sikh Council UK executive, said, “The reinterment of King Richard III will be remembered as a uniquely profound moment in English history and it is royally befitting to mark this historic occasion with contributions from Leicester’s proudly diverse communities.”


The event is to include classical Sikh music utilising various Sikh and South Asian instruments, a Sikh martial arts display exhibiting traditional Sikh weaponry as well as contributions from the Sikh free school, Falcon’s Primary.


Vice Chair of the Leicestershire Sikh Alliance, Amandeep Rai said, “On this truly momentous occasion, the eyes of the world will be focused on Leicester in what will prove to be a truly international affair.


“It has been a pleasure and honour for the Sikh community’s KR3 Legacy Project Team, to have the opportunity to contribute towards this historic occasion on behalf of our community and the people of Leicester.”


The free event will run from 6:30pm-9:00pm, at the Ramgarhia Centre on Ulverscroft Road in Leicester on Monday 23 March 2015.