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New Video by Bhangra Superstar Encourages Everyone to Get fit

Whilst driving to Nottingham for a special wedding performance, we spoke to King G Mall on his latest song, ‘Keep Fit Ji.’


Labelled King of Dhol, Gurcharan Mall is one of the most creative and fun musical personalities in the Bhangra industry, with him being the first pioneer of making Dhol popular around the world.



It’s very clear King G. Mall is passionate about his profession, with his latest single ‘Keep Fit Ji.’ The song brings together a collection of national and international musicians in order to provoke a positive message amongst listeners. With over 15,000 hits on YouTube in the first week, and with that figure increasing daily, King G. Mall has created a light-hearted but serious piece of musical history.


As a big supporter of helping others, King G. Mall’s latest song is an informative but entertaining message about maintaining health. King G. Mall shares, “It’s about health, unity and awareness” before expanding, “It’s a positive message about awareness of drug and alcohol abuse and keeping healthy.”


King G Mall has released his new single
King G Mall has released his new single ‘Keep Fit Ji.’ Credit. King G Mall


The video in particular has sparked interest, as it shows well-known Punjabi artists singing along with King G. Mall’s lyrics. “We ended up making history with the song and video. We had 35 artists, making it the biggest song of Asian music. We had a mixture of international and national artists exercising and singing.”


King G. Mall explains, “Actions speak louder than words, with more people saying the same thing, it makes more people think and listen more. That’s why so many artists got involved. I think more artists should be doing a similar thing.”


“Keep Fit Ji’ has had a unique journey becoming the next King G. Mall song. “I was at the gym and they had an up-tempo song playing. I started singing lyrics along with the beat, ‘keep fit.’ I made a video for Facebook as a joke and had a great response. I am 63 and am known for being really fit and healthy, so it grew from there.”


King G. Mall went on to share, “There’s been positive feedback from the public and media.”