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The city of Leicester is undeniably the place to be right now following from last night’s nail-biting game between Chelsea and Tottenham, where their draw at Stamford Bridge crowned Leicester the rightful champions of 2016. The party started in the city once referee Mark Clattenberg finally blew the whistle, allowing bars, pubs, restaurants and even the streets of the city to come alive, creating a real buzz following from Leicester’s triumph.

National and international press witnessed thousands of fans both young and old unite in fervent celebration of Leicester’s victory. Even fans of other teams came together in full support of the foxes remarkable achievement.

Photo credit: David Loh
Photo credit: David Loh

Epic roars and cheers erupted from local pubs surrounding the King Power Stadium and around the city where fans were left ecstatic and in disbelief- many tears of happiness were shed.

Leicester’s City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby shares his thoughts: “The whole of Leicester is bursting with pride thanks to our fantastic football team, and our congratulations go out to all concerned.

“Over the past year Leicester City Football Club has shown the world what can be achieved through great teamwork, determination and self-belief.

“Under the magnificent leadership of Claudio Ranieri, the fearless Foxes have fought battle after battle, defying all odds and refusing to give in. They are an inspiration to us all.

“History has been made today, and we could not be more proud of what they have done for football, and for our city.”

Once the game was over Leicester fans spilled the streets of the city and around the clock tower in high spirits. Car horns were heard blaring and flags were flying-adding to an unforgettable atmosphere that went on into early hours of this morning.

Photo credit: Keith Vaz MP office
Photo credit: Keith Vaz MP Office

Keith Vaz MP added “Who does not believe in miracles now. This is the greatest day in the history of Leicester.

The whole world will hail this  victory and the achievements of a brave and courageous team who have overcome the most famous football teams in the world to take us to the pinnacle of world club soccer. An amazing Manager, an incredible team and a generous and visionary owner. 

The owners of King Power have made us the Kings of Football.” 

 The Right Reverend Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester expresses his thoughts: “Just as I arrive, the city takes off. This is a superb achievement by the Foxes and I want to add my congratulations to those flooding in from around the world. The impact of this on the city and county is huge and will last for many years to come. They’ve made a lot of people very happy.”

Photo Credit: Keith Vaz MP Office
Photo Credit: Keith Vaz MP Office

A great energy now surrounds the city of Leicester, which will inevitably continue for many weeks and months to come.

A truly incredible achievement in sporting history and one that Leicester will never forget.