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Painting the city blue!

Leicester was bathed in a sea of blue today to show Leicester City Football Club that the people of the city are behind them ahead of their game on Sunday.

Leicester FC face Manchester United at Old Trafford this weekend for what could be their Premier League winning game as they currently sit at the top of the table and three points short of securing the title.

So, with only two days to go until potentially the greatest moment in history for our football club, the people of Leicester came out in force to parade the streets in their brightest blues and Leicester crests.

The celebrations began at 9:30am this morning at Leicester’s Statue of Liberty next to the King Power Stadium where City mayor Peter Soulsby draped a 10ft-long scarf, made by Park Lane Knitwear, around the statue’s neck.

Businesses, professionals and local retailers were among those to support the events today and many of their staff ditched the uniform and threw on their football shirts.

Bond Adams Solicitors
Bond Adams Solicitors Photo Credit: Pukaar News
Vic Sethi - Anand International Photo Credit: Pukaar News
Vic Sethi – Anand International
Photo Credit: Pukaar News

Schools across the city have embraced the day and are having tea parties, blue clothes days, and special activities, and our universities have also been sporting the fox.

The University of Leicester painted their pride with a large fox on the campus car park right in the centre of the University’s main buildings.

The fox was painted by University staff and pupils who worked tirelessly from 9:30am to have the creation completed.

University of Leicester
University of Leicester Photo Credit: Pukaar News

Corporate Events Manager at the University of Leicester, Katie Morris, was one of the members of staff to organise the University’s #backingtheblues event.

“We wanted to do something that was quite creative and that everybody could get involved with, so we decided to use this empty space in the carpark to do some artwork which everybody could join in with,” said Katie.

“We have also campaigned for everyone to come in blue today, we called it ‘wear your cardy for Vardy’.

“I know that everyone here will be watching and hoping that they win, we don’t think they need too many words of encouragement, we know they are going to do it!”

University of Leicester Photo Credit: Pukaar News

A conga procession of staff and students clad in a spectrum of blue paraded through the square in what was a very long line of smiley, energetic and fanatic fans.

University of Leicester
University of Leicester Photo Credit: Pukaar News

At Leicester College a flutter of balloons were released outside and were scattered across the city thanks to the timely wind.

Students flocked to mark the occasion with facepaint and pots and pots of blue glitter – you can never have enough it seems!

Leicester College
Leicester College Photo Credit: Pukaar News

The fun doesn’t stop there, during the evening you may be walking past some of Leicester’s iconic landmarks; Town Hall, City Hall, Clock Tower, Cathedral, and seeing them glow with pride as they are lit up in blue.

The Ramada Encoure Hotel may grab your eye if you are roaming the city late this evening when they project images of Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy upon their building.

These were just a handful of the great ways in which this city came together to celebrate a sporting success.

I guess the question really is: do we want them to win on Sunday?

Ofcourse we do, but then again, may they hold off until they return home next weekend to bring the trophy game to home soil?

Who knows, but what is certain is that all of Leicester are behind The Foxes, and no matter what happens in the final three games of the season, this has certainly been Leicester’s Premier League year and the celebrations will continue.

Good luck Leicester, we are all behind you.



University of Leicester
University of Leicester Photo Credit: Pukaar News
Photo Credit: Pukaar News
Photo Credit: Pukaar News

If you have photos from your #backingtheblues jubilations then do please tweet us @PukaarNews.



By Imogen Harry