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Flash Fusion Event 2010

The event kicked off with a talent show showcasing many gifted singers and rappers.


The event saw the audience cheer on rappers like Junior and 12 year old Nish captured all our hearts with her amazing angelic voice.


Four guest judges took position at the stage side tasked with the difficult job of deciding which one of tonight’s talented acts would be be crowned the winner. After a short break to give the judges time to deliberate which performer deserved to win, they announced their choices.




Nish, crowned the queen of the Flash Fusion event 2010

RIGHT:Nish, winner of the talent contest.


Aside from the performances, the event consisted of friendly stalls informing about local businesses – these ranged from wedding planners to local citizen services. There was also high quality food and drink sold at a very reasonable price, with samosas proving to be a favorite.


The atmosphere was friendly and vibrant with entertainment catering for audiences of all ages.


The event was considered a success and I certainly look forward to attending the next one.