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Keith Vaz Joins Excited Parents and Children at Falcons Primary

Leicester East MP Keith Vaz met with parents and children who were excited by the news that Leicester’s first Sikh free school, Falcons Primary was set to open.



The school which has finally been given the go-ahead to open thanks partly to the support from Keith Vaz, was originally set to open four weeks ago, but the funding was pulled days before it was originally due to open.  The parents were hugely dejected when news that the school was not going to open.   As many as 70 children were due to attend the new school.


Keith Vaz told Pukaar News his thoughts on the news “I think its amazing, its a great piece of news, its what we’ve been waiting for, I think we had a lot of unhappy little children last Wednesday, smiles have now been brought back to their faces, this is because of the very hard work of the trustees”

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