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AN 80-year-old man has touched the hearts of thousands, after venturing into an iconic Leicestershire nightclub, to relive the memory of meeting his late wife there six decades ago.

Brian Kendrick first set eyes on his beloved wife Barbara, 60-years-ago at Coalville’s Emporium Nightclub, which sits on Belvoir Road.

However, she passed away last year, leaving the pensioner devastated.

But last Saturday, Brian ventured back to the popular nightclub at the age of 80, in order to have a beer and stand on the steps at the back of the venue where he originally cast eyes on Barbara as a teenager.

Picture: The Emporium

“It [The Emporium] was known as ‘The Grand’ back then and I’d been in many times before, but I’d never seen anyone like Barbara,” he told Pukaar News.

“She was standing on her own and she stood out a mile. She was gorgeous, so angelic. It was like a miracle really.

“I was coming back from the bar and I looked up and saw her standing on the stairs in a long white dress, which had a red rose pinned to it,” he explained.

“I was out with the boys and I was wearing my leather jacket at the time.

“I said, I have to go and ask her out, otherwise I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. So that’s what I did.”

Brian and Barbara hit it off, and married on January 19, 1963 at Thringstone Church, before going on to have two sons.

Last weekend Brian went back to the Emporium to stand on the steps where he first laid eyes on the ‘love of his life’.

“I stood on the top of the steps and so many memories came flooding back as well as plenty of tears,” he said.

“I closed my eyes and I could see her as clear as anything. It was wonderful. The funny thing about Barbara is that she never liked to be the centre of attention – she didn’t like to stand out. However she always did,” he added.

“She was the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and I’m so proud that I was able to call her my wife.”

After it was posted on the Emporium’s social media account, thousands of people reacted to Brian’s romantic and heartwarming story.

I’ve heard of love stories before, but this broke my heart and he made my night, bless his soul,” said a spokesman for the venue, which assisted Brian on the night of his ‘mission’.

“He said he wanted to see the love of his life one more time and said when he closed his eyes, he did.”

By Louise Steel

Coalville’s Emporium nightclub