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Told “not good enough”, now global award winner – Let’s Talk More Episode 7

Our school days play a pivotal part in our development as adults, not just academically, but as a person. Naturally then, our teachers spend much of their time as the sculptors of our personalities and who we are at our very core. To be told by someone who has a duty of care over you and your education that you’re “not good enough” to get the grades you are reaching for, especially as a young person, can be hugely damaging to your ego and self-worth.

Mital Thanki, was told just that during her time studying chemistry in school. However, she sought to prove those that doubted her wrong, by striving to be the best she could be. After leaving school, she founded the Spark Academy, which aims to tutor children in a positive and reinforcing way. Not only has Mital brought this fantastic service to the lives of many young people, assisting them in their learning where they were otherwise struggling, she also returned to academia and graduated from the School of Business at the University of Leicester, and won the coveted MBA Student of the Year award.

Watch the full inspirational interview below in episode 7 of Let’s Talk More, where Mital discusses her life and achievements with Romail Gulzar.


By Sam Ellison